Who We Are?

Welcome To The World Of Magic!!

We took birth in June 2014 and have grown up to become one of India’s most personalised travelling companies. We provide a one stop solution to our client’s each & every requirements to make their travel a once in a lifetime experience.

Our dedicated & experienced tram listens and understands you to handpicked destinations, giving you a wholesome holiday.


Most travelling companies have many departments and many persons handling one single query which causes misunderstandings & miscommunications leading to a dissatisfied customer.

But we at MagicBox have one single dedicated travel consultant for every individual query who will look after all the needs from the beginning to even after the end of your trip.

Thus, you can depend on us to give you personalised services & an unforgettable trip.

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Meet The Magician


Viraj Dogra

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Viraj is a young & dynamic individual who is highly experienced. He loved trekking and exploring new destinations. So, he is able to tell the clients exactly what they want based on his personal adventures and his amazing ability of getting along with people with all age groups.

He also considers himself to be next Lucky Ali.


Paridhi Jain

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Paridhi is the biggest wandering soul of this country. She loves to visit any & every place that she can find on the map especially obscure ones. She goes on solo travels, budget travels, luxury travels etc. depending on her mood. So, she can make personalized package in every segment as per her experience.