Dubai An Introduction

Dubai - beautiful Arabian Desert, Cloud grazing skyscrapers and the magnificent coastline combine to make this glitzy city the destination of choice for more than 14 million visitors every year. Whether you’re in town for pleasure or business, a short or long stay, Dubai is bursting with memories just waiting to be made. One of the world’s most modern cities, its infrastructure was largely financed by oil revenues, but thanks to economic diversification by its rulers, Dubai is now a global hub for commerce and tourism. It’s home to the busiest airport on earth, Dubai international, and one of the world’s top container ports, Jebel Ali.

Today Dubai is ripe for exploration. Delve into living history by the creek, or marvel at the modern city from the top of the world’s tallest tower. Add in golden beaches and never-ending sand dunes, record – breaking theme parks and magnificent shopping and dining, and there’s truly amazing for everyone.